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LCO News Blog >> Four Bad Habits Contact Lens Wearers 10/2015


Contact Lens infographic


Bad Habits of Contact Lens Wearers
American Eye-Q Survey

Posted October 29, 2015

According to the American Optometric Association contact lenses are a safe form of vision care. However, many lens wearers practice bad habits when it comes to taking care of their eyes and their lenses.

  1. 57% wear lenses longer than they are supposed to.
  2. 21% are guilty of sleeping in their lenses.
  3. 53% of consumers who wer decorative lenses purchase them illegally.
  4. 35% of contact lens wearers don't wash their hands.

Poor contact lens hygiene practices can result in bacterial infections, pain, irritation, or even permanent vision loss. All contact lenses are medical devices. Be sure and get an eye exam. Wear only lenses that have been prescribed by an optometrist and fit for your eyes.

For more tips or to get the perfect lenses for your eyes visit us at Lee County Optical and always keep your eyes healthy.

You can read more at www.aoa.org.

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